Visualise. Measure. Optimise. Repeat.

traCXio is an online CX management platform that walks you through the complete CX cycle.

Customer Journeys Mapping Canvas

From your Collective Minds to a Canvas

Walk in the shoes of the customer. From collective minds to an interactive canvas. Map customer actions, customer decisions and critical staff actions. Unlock pain points and opportunities to delight. Share your new found insights across the organization.

Service Blueprint Builder

Capture the Detail that makes your CX Great

Get ready to supercharge your efficiency. Build Service Blueprints to support your Customer Journeys and unveil the inner workings of your operations, from service initiation to the final benefit delivery. Identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, drive accountability and enhance your service quality with precision.​

Standard Operating Procedures Hub

Share the Guard Rails that Guide your Front Line  

Link SOPs to your Service Blueprints and create clarity of purpose. Build your CX intellectual property library with traCXio. Put your SOPs in the palm of your hand. Invite staff to collaborate and tap into their deep knowledge and experience. 

Task Scheduler

From Design to Execution

Time to execute on your service design. Task Scheduler allows department leads to monitor the many customer touchpoints. Get real time feedback at the most critical times. Track the effectiveness of your teams as they execute your reimagined service design. 

Critical-Time CX Check-Ins

Democratizing CX Continuous Improvement  

Empower your key people to provide critical-time feedback on fellow staff, facilities and internal processes that hold up your customer experience vision. On the spot corrective coaching is unlocked, as is instant recognition of great CX performers. 

Live Leaderboards

Celebrate your CX Stars 

traCXio’s Live Leaderboard allows you to gamify staff engagement and reward outstanding and consistent CX!  Celebrate staff that are 5-star performers with live feeds to your private social pages, or imbed on your intranet or staff portals.

Online Dashboards

Bespoke, Relevant, Powerful

traCXio brings together company performance across its Customer Journeys and touch-points in powerful, easy-to-read Dashboards. Catering to all levels of your business, traCXio's Dashboards yield insights into department health, journey health, pain points and more.

Pain Points

Ground-Up CX Continuous Improvement

traCXio puts continuous improvement in the palms of your key staff. Once engaged with the businesses CX vision and the intricate Service Blueprints, key staff can quickly report Pain Points that affect the overall customer experience, delivering a culture of ground-up improvement.